CT Appointment

November 27, 2008

I had almost forgotten about it, but I finally got a call with an appointment for a CT scan. Of course I missed the call as I was spinning with spintastic Laura while Quentin pushed us to our cardiovascular limits.

Womens College Hospital, December 1st.

Spinning. Running. Spinning. Running. Spinning. Spinning. Spinning.

Never felt better.

The numbness fades

November 20, 2008

Must be nothing, although I did crash into the wall of a Banana Republic changing room whilst trying on a dress. “Excuse me Madam, are you ok in there?” Serves me right for shopping at Banana.

Still no CT.

Can you desk your move?

November 14, 2008

What that doesn’t make sense? It did before it left my mouth. For a couple of days this is how some things I said came out. Felt like an idiot, figured I was just tired or run down or something.

Still no CT appointment, not that I was worried, nothing is actually wrong with me surely?

Seriously, my left hand?

November 12, 2008

Ok so I was talking to someone and as I was gesturing, my right hand brushed against someone else’s. I turned to see who it was. Oh oh, right! That was my left hand, completely numb, just like a mittenless hand on a frosty -30c evening.

Then I struggled to do do up the buttons on my jacket.

I am invincible! It’s just a pinched nerve right?!

The next day, the weird feeling truly deserved the word numb. I could barely feel my left hand and it was creeping up my arm. My left leg was heavy and I was scuffing my left foot. My balance was wonky and I started to wonder if someone had spiked my drink!

It took some convincing, but I took myself off to the doctor. Now having just moved to Toronto I didn’t even have a doctor, so I found a clinic and wandered inside. 



Calf pain?


Ok so it’s not a stroke. Hmmmm. 

He didn’t have an answer so referred me for a CT scan. I know now that he had some ideas in his head…

I woke in the middle of the night to a numbing left arm. With a habit of sleeping on my front on my arms I didn’t think much of it, but the feeling continued through the night and into my work day. It was so subtle that I just ignored it, went to my meetings, worked through my lunch, and went spinning at Quad with friends after work.

I was loving spinning, it was a great release after a long day. To add to that I had just received Shimano shoes for my birthday and had bought a 3 month unlimited membership. New to Toronto and not knowing the good running routes, three times a week was the spinning habit I was aiming for.