December 8, 2008

I have decided to go see a Naturopath, I think it’s important to be as healthy as you can possibly be in every other way.  I took myself off to see Dr. JJ at the Liberty Clinic. He is funny and kinda kooky (in a good way, if he’s reading this) and suits my mood right now.

He has me taking high doses of Fish Oils, Vitamin B, C, D, along with a bunch of Unda numbers. I also have to increase the amount of garlic, brocolli, tomatoes, berries, cabbage and brussel sprouts that I eat. Considering I don’t much like cabbage, and brussel sprouts were inspired by the devil I am eating lots of the other stuff.

He also suggested avoiding meat as it encourages inflammation. I am bad at “avoiding” foods that I like so I decided to go cold turkey… so to speak. I still can eat fish though as the oils are good for the ‘ole brain.

Still waiting on the MRI, neurosurgeon and neurologist and am trying not to read too much of the wrong (and scary) information.


3 Responses to “Naturopath”

  1. Mirela Says:

    Thank you for you’re set. I had a meningioma operated in 2008 but it came back, very very small now. I’m trying to follow your advice, thank you

  2. Mirela Says:

    What is unda and where can I find it. Thank you

  3. SJR Says:

    Unda are homeopathic remedies. A Naturopath or Homeopathic doctor will be able to help you homeopathically. They are not available “over the counter.”

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