Osteopathy is crazy cool

December 13, 2008

So I saw an Osteopath called Pam, she is also at the Liberty Clinic with Dr. JJ. I have never seen an osteopath before, but I figured that seeing as I was trying all this new stuff I may as well try her out too!

She held my hand for a while and moved it very slowly. Then she held my head and moved it super slowly… so slow you barely know you are moving. You feel all sorts of weirdness around your body, its very strange and fascinating feeling. THEN she stuck her fingers in my ears! Instantly my quads zinged. Then my right ear felt all ticklish, in fact much of my body did! Totally made me laugh. 

Afterwards you feel super zen. Sleepy and chilled out, which is amazing considering you don’t feel you moved very much. 

BTW I would love to explain what an Osteopath does but I will probably get it wrong. My understanding is they work on the connections of organs around your body making sure everything is moving in a bio-mechanically correct  way. There you go, I probably got it wrong.


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