Reality hits

December 16, 2008

So today I got to meet my neurosurgeon Dr. Muller. He works out of St. Michaels Hospital on Queen St., Toronto. I like him, he has a nice steady hand, and a gentle way about him… good thing considering he’ll be jiggling around with my brain. He has done 3000 brain surgeries, 1200 of which are meningiomas. I am in good hands.

He immediately sent me elsewhere in the hospital for another CT, this time with contrast solution. I sat around with an IV in my arm attached to a syringe full of saline until the CT machine and IV was ready for me. Having stuff hanging from your arm is quite distracting, looking around and seeing all the post-surgical patients wheeling by is even more so. Then I glanced at the bulky guy in the orange jumpsuit and handcuffs who was accompanied by 2 policemen… staring at the arm with the tubes was a much better option. Once the CT machine was ready, they hooked me up to the contrast solution IV and more pictures of my head were taken.  

Ten minutes later I was back upstairs looking at Dr. Mullers computer screen. There it was, a white blob 3cm across right between my frontal lobes. Up until this point I had daydreams that this was all something that happened while I was asleep last night, and that it wasn’t really happening to ME. Me, Sarah who runs half marathons, spins 3 times a week…

Roger and I finally got to ask all my questions, and he answered every single one. For some of them he laughed, and said I had done too much reading. Roger as usual was amazing and took notes, and asked even MORE questions.

It is benign.

It is a classic case.

It is in the best possible location.

It is treatable by surgery, possibly with radiation after.

If you are going to have a brain tumor, this is the one to have. 

I have it thanks to sheer bad luck.

There is a 7% chance of recurrence, so I will have MRIs for the rest of my life to keep an eye on it.

Surgery day is January 28th 2009. D-Day.

I will be off work for about 8 weeks.

I kinda wish I could go for coffee or something with my surgeon, I feel I should know him a little more. Alas, next time I see him will be in admissions. He has many more people like me to break the news to in the next month or so.


3 Responses to “Reality hits”

  1. SIAN Says:

    all good news! except for the obvious…

  2. Daisy Says:

    and by the obvious i would assume sian means roger taking notes.
    oh, and the 3cm tumor on your frontal lobe.

  3. Michelle Says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience and pictures. I also have a meningioma and I am scheduled for surgery next month. I did not know what to expect, but you’ve shared and given me a peace of mind. You are an angel!

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