December 18, 2008

Today Roger and I drove over the border so I could have an MRI. Buffalo MRI is a truly luxurious facility to beat the Canadian system with. 

I had to change into rather “sexy” pink scrubs and was then led into the MRI room. You can select what vista you want projected on the walls of the room. It is all very glam, but once you are in the machine you can’t even see the tropical beach you selected so it’s kinda pointless. I think the technicians like it though! 

I got to use one of their brand new (this week) machines. The tube they slide you into has no sides to it so it is supposed to be better for claustrophobic people… not that I am super claustrophobic but I’ll go for anything that makes it easier. 

Before they slide the bed into the teeny tiny tube they put headphones on you (so you can listen to music and hear the technician talk to you), then they put a cage over the top of your head, then they jam stuff between your headphones and the cage so you are truly wedged in. They then proceed to insist that you DO NOT MOVE. How the hell am I supposed to move inside this contraption?!

The bed whirrs and you slide inside the tube. I swear there is 4cm between the top of the cage and the top of the tube, and only 10cm from your forehead to the top of the cage. It’s a wee tight in there. Then…. BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG, BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG. Think jackhammer for 30 minutes.

Now I have a headache!


4 Responses to “MRI in NY”

  1. Faye Says:

    This is so interesting to read… great idea starting a blog for it. Bet you can’t wait until April!!

  2. Justine Says:

    glad to hear it wasn’t too, too terrible. The office is really nice there, isn’t it? Nicer than most things in beautiful Buffalo!

  3. SIAN Says:

    was dr. mcdreamy there? from my extensive medical knowledge gained from t.v, mri’s are never that loud! how interesting.

    also, the tropical beach is a nice touch! calming?

  4. SJR Says:

    No Dr. McDreamy, though I always look out for him when I am in a medical-like place! TV Is indeed misleading when it comes to the noise… if they broadcast it as it REALLY is, you’d never get to hear McDreamy talk. Not that we care what he SAYS.

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