Random Facts

December 19, 2008

Brain tumours in general are not well studied as they are not as common as lung, breast, prostate, or colon locations.  Meningiomas have generally been ignored even more than other brain tumours. Here are some random facts I have found lately:

Meningiomas account for about 27% of primary brain tumors.

Meningiomas are most common in people between the ages of 40 and 70.

Among middle-aged patients, there is a marked female bias, with a female: male ratio of almost 3:1 in the brain and up to 6:1 in the spinal cord.

A new meningioma is diagnosed in about one in a thousand people each year and that 138,000 people in the US are living with on.

My only Canadian stats are rather unofficial… through friends I now know of 4 other people who have had meningiomas. What is the likelihood? That’s a lot of people considering I know very FEW people in Toronto!


Brigham and Women’s Hospital Neurosurgery

“Curveball. When Life Throws You a Brain Tumor” Liz Holzemer

*Every source states different statistics. These just happen to be the ones I found today.

2 Responses to “Random Facts”

  1. Janeen Says:

    I have tears running down my face because you are so beautiful. I have been diagnosed with a mengioma and too scared to read your whole blog. I read bits and pieces of it but I am scared to read too much because there may be something in there that may scare me off. However, I did see your pics and they are so inspiring. I pray that I will be as successful as you!

  2. SJR Says:

    Best wishes Janeen. There’s absolutely no denying it is scary. Keep a positive attitude, it really makes all the difference.

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