This is the little bugger

December 19, 2008


A screencap from my MRI results from yesterday. Yep, thats it, the round light coloured thing.

5 Responses to “This is the little bugger”

  1. Peita Says:

    Woah, that is scary and yet amazing at the same time. Thank goodness you had spoken to the neurosurgeon before getting the MRI. Imagine how even more freaked out you’d be if not. Sounds like you are in wonderful hands for your treatment.

  2. SIAN Says:

    these are the thoughts that popped into my head:

    -it doesn’t even look like you!

    -now you know what your brain looks like! COOL!

    -from what i learnt about anatomy at art school… you have got an oddly shaped skull.

    -it’s awfully close to your eye.

  3. SJR Says:

    LOL I have an oddly shaped skull? It is kinda lumpy I suppose!

    It isn’t threatening my eyes luckily, it is actually quite far away from them. Compare where your eyes are compared to the bridge of your nose. In neurosurgery terms, it may as well be a football field away.

  4. Corinna Says:

    I had the same thought – it doesn’t look like you at all…

    Definitely interesting to see the SOB!

  5. timmy Says:

    scarily similar to homer simpson …

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