I am home, 2.5 days post-op

January 31, 2009

But thoroughly exhausted.


January 28, 2009

Hi everyone, 

This is Sarah’s husband, Roger. 

Sarah had her surgery this morning at about 12:15, and by all accounts it went very well. The doctors said it went perfectly actually, and that there were no complications. It was nice to see them looking happy and encouraged at the end of what must have been a pretty long day for them. So Sarah is in ICU now, resting and recovering. She’s pretty lucid considering what she’s been through – in a little bit of pain, but on medication to control that. We had some short conversations this afternoon and I think she was happy to see me. We held hands and I fed her ice chips. I’ll be going back tomorrow at 11 for visiting hours, when hopefully she’ll have been moved out of the ICU and in to her regular room. I’ll keep posting while she’s in the hospital, and until she can start updating again herself. It was a good day all things considered. 

Thanks for listening. 


Roger (for Sarah)

Lets get this over with!

January 27, 2009

Requested arrival at St. Mikes tomorrow: 9.45am. Surgery start time:11.45am.

By the time you get home from work I should be in neuro ICU and its all over with.

I expect visitors! Hospitals are thoroughly boring places to sit around in. The four hours during pre-op testing this week was bad enough. Four to five days? OMG. Visiting hours are daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and only 2 people at a time per patient. The website so coyly says that if you are experiencing fever, cold or flu like symptoms, diarrhea or vomiting, please do not visit. I’ll forgive your absence if this applies to you.

This is where it is and make sure you go in the Victoria Street entrance, and use the elevators right there. Not all elevators go to all floors, its very confusing place! 

Only Roger and Dad will be allowed to see me on the first day when I am in ICU, but then hopefully I will be moved to the ward the next day. Roger can let you all know my room number.

Oh and if you see an older English man around, that’s my Dad. He’ll probably be cracking jokes with the nurses.

So today is my last day at work for a while. I am not desperate to get out of work like I might be when heading away on vacation, today means that surgery is only days away. I used to count the time in weeks, now I am down to mere days. The waiting is excruciating, and while I am dreading walking into that hospital, I just want it to be over.

In less than a week I can no longer say, “I have a brain tumour, what the fuck is YOUR problem?” I will then be able to say, “What the fuck are you staring at? Never seen a craniotomy scar before?” I can’t wait to say that to the first person whose gaze lingers on my head for too long. I hope I have a friend with me who I can laugh hysterically afterwards. 

Sorry about my profanities. The number of swear words I use has a direct correlation to the number of days left before surgery. Fuckedy, fuck fuck.

Pre-Op testing… Check!

January 19, 2009

Booked  a semi-provate room (2 beds only and free TV), received procedure & hospital info from the nurse, medical history was taken by doctor, blood taken by nurse, ECG by weird lady, chest x-ray by nice lady, and got the download from the anesthetist. That all took about 4 hours.

Apparently I will be in ICU for the night of the surgery, then wheeled in a snazzy wheel chair to the ward. Before I leave ICU they remove all tubes and wonderfulness… including a wire that will be in the incision and feeding into a machine reading the pressure in my head. Who knew these things even existed? My turban of bandages will also be gone by the time I get to the ward.

Thinking About Recovery

January 14, 2009

Today I saw the Naturopath for the last time before surgery. I had another vitamin C IV. Dr. JJ also gave me some homeopathic remedies for tissue damage, bone pain, and nerve ending damage. I take one of them an hour before anaesthesia (its called Armica), then as soon as I am out of ICU alternate taking each of the 3 every hour. Also have to take vitamin C and probiotics to prevent hospital bourne infection. 

I now also have zinc and elderberry stuff to finally kick this freakin’ cough! Have pre-op testing on Monday and it has to be gone by then.

Exactly 2 weeks to D-Day.

I found this anecdote describing what happened when a guy’s neurologist told him about his brain tumour. I 100% related and it made me laugh:

“My neurologist, was encouraging. For every bit of “good” news she spouted, I had a snide, internal, morphine-induced response.

“The mass seems to be slow-growing…”

[Oh, call it a tumor, for fuck’s sake!]

“Operability-wise, it’s in the best possible spot for surgery…”

[Better than downtown Boise?]

“It doesn’t seem to be cancerous…”

[Is “operability” even a word?]

The news was the same, though–I had a motherfucking brain tumor. And, as much as I tried to deny it, and as mawkish as it sounds, my life would never again be the same.”

From My Brain Tumor and Me

Pre-Op testing

January 7, 2009

Well, pre-operative testing is now booked for 19th Jan. It will take 2-3 hours, then I am free to go… only to come back at a predicted time of 6.30am on the 28th Jan for the real deal. 

Got my MRI results back yesterday. The radiologist likes to comment on every nuance they see in your brain, saying there are a zillion extra problems with you. Luckily I am seeing the Neurologist today and hopefully he can look at the MRI for himself and tell me what’s worth translating from the radiologists report.