Is “operability” even a word?

January 14, 2009

I found this anecdote describing what happened when a guy’s neurologist told him about his brain tumour. I 100% related and it made me laugh:

“My neurologist, was encouraging. For every bit of “good” news she spouted, I had a snide, internal, morphine-induced response.

“The mass seems to be slow-growing…”

[Oh, call it a tumor, for fuck’s sake!]

“Operability-wise, it’s in the best possible spot for surgery…”

[Better than downtown Boise?]

“It doesn’t seem to be cancerous…”

[Is “operability” even a word?]

The news was the same, though–I had a motherfucking brain tumor. And, as much as I tried to deny it, and as mawkish as it sounds, my life would never again be the same.”

From My Brain Tumor and Me

One Response to “Is “operability” even a word?”

  1. Kali Carringer Says:

    I loved your comment about “best location” – I live near Boise, Idaho and was also told by my neurosurgeon that my meningioma was in an optimal location – frontal lobe and high in the skull. I will have my surgery in downtown Boise on October 5, 2010. I am enjoying reading your blog about your experience and am learning a lot. I appreciate your honesty. Thank you for blogging about your experience – I won’t blog about mine.

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