Thinking About Recovery

January 14, 2009

Today I saw the Naturopath for the last time before surgery. I had another vitamin C IV. Dr. JJ also gave me some homeopathic remedies for tissue damage, bone pain, and nerve ending damage. I take one of them an hour before anaesthesia (its called Armica), then as soon as I am out of ICU alternate taking each of the 3 every hour. Also have to take vitamin C and probiotics to prevent hospital bourne infection. 

I now also have zinc and elderberry stuff to finally kick this freakin’ cough! Have pre-op testing on Monday and it has to be gone by then.

Exactly 2 weeks to D-Day.

2 Responses to “Thinking About Recovery”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Sarah, please be sure to tell them at pre-testing what you are taking from naturopath. Sometimes, these things can interfere with the regular stuff one gets at the hospital. It is a good thing to tell them at the hospital too. Usually, it is OK, but just to watch for conflicts between medications.

  2. SJR Says:

    yes I know, it’s all covered. You have to take everything from tylenol to vitamins. I am only taking vitamins from the naturopath anyways, and I stop those on the 18th in preparation. They don’t mind about homeopathic remedies as they seem them as placebos, and they are used to people taking probiotics in the ward.

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