Staples, 7 days post-op

February 4, 2009


Me a couple of days ago before my first hair wash. Looks better now 🙂 

Staples wrap from just behind centre parting /hairline, and curve around behind my right ear.

7 Responses to “Staples, 7 days post-op”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Hi Sarah
    Nice self-portrait .. soon the staples will be coming out and the hair will have grown back. If Roger can find you some Vitamin E cream, the scar will heal very nicely and fade with time. By now, the staples are probably very ichy, so the cream should help that also. Julian has one of these on both his hips from his hip surgery.
    Love you

  2. SJR Says:

    There isn’t really a one cure fits all for these things as you are not supposed to put creams on my kind of incision. Head/brain surgeries require very different care… if I add creams or gunk to the incision I can’t tell if CSF (cerebral spinal fluid) fluid is leaking which is a big complication that requires going back to hospital.

    It is all in my hairline anyways… so having a scar doesn’t matter. Pretty low maintenance really. All I need to do is wash my hair as usual.

  3. theramsays Says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of staples… makes sense that they do staples, but never thought of it, I guess. Hope you’re healing fast and doing well!

  4. SJR Says:

    yeah lots of freakin staples! I estimate 40-50. I’ll count them when they get removed 😉

  5. Faye Says:

    wow! that’s impressive..!! I just showed a guy at work and it made his eyes water.. ow ow ow! I bet you are looking forward to getting those little beauties out… xx

  6. SJR Says:

    they really look a lot worse than they actually are… otherwise I wouldn’t have survived 14 days with them staring back at me in the mirror!

  7. […] bandage hid a variety of sins. Of course there were the 35 odd staples riddled across my head. Then there was the wire that went into a hole in my scalp and plugged into […]

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