My team, 10 days post-op

February 7, 2009


After my fist dog walk post-surgery. A balmy 8c out there, and Chukker was very happy to have me come along for once.

Tomorrow is my last day on steroids. Time to say goodbye to the haze.

4 Responses to “My team, 10 days post-op”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Awesome picture, Sarah. I have been waiting for this one. You look good .. a bit tired, but very good. Please don’t get overtired because the body will slam the door shut tight if you don’t get enough rest. Fresh air, sunshine, pizza and vitamin C .. all good news.

  2. SJR Says:

    OH i may look tired, but believe me I am not! Just wearing no make up! I actually look perfectly normal, except for one swollen temple 🙂

  3. Linda Says:

    You look fantastic Sarah. Wish I looked that good. Now you need to slowly get your old routine back. Good walks, freshair and Dark Chocolates will do the trick.

  4. Linda Says:

    Hello to the handsome nurse next to you. Doing a good job. Will take over soon, now that you have been through the worst. Thank you

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