Steroid free

February 10, 2009

I am now steroid free and feeling it. One bad night’s sleep the other night and I still tired from it. Plans for visitors tonight are cancelled and I am home alone with the dog. Steroids come with all sorts of contradictory side effects so I am glad to be off them though. You have to love how they claim to make you gain weight, loose weight, keep you awake, make you drowsy… the list is long and ridiculous.

Amongst other things, it has given me sensory overload (that could also be the hole they put in my head) and given me nasty green and purple bruises where my IVs were. You can pretty much attribute anything to steroids. Dexamethasone, it was nice to have you tuck me in at night, but bub-bye. Not that I don’t appreciate it, but I hope we don’t meet again any time soon.


One Response to “Steroid free”

  1. laurissa25 Says:

    These pills are terrible. Although they are necessary to treat these conditions, they completely throw you off. This is my 24th day on them, and I feel rotten. Cannot wait to say goodbye to the little blue pill.

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