Things that go bleep in the night

February 10, 2009

I have discovered that I now hate things that bleep. As in, they make me feel sick to my stomach. I think thats what ICU does for you. 

The microwave, cell phones, watches… *shudder*


5 Responses to “Things that go bleep in the night”

  1. Sylvie Says:

    I wonder if you could find a microwave that you can download a song for a ‘food ready’ ton… hmm maybe I just figured out a niche market. No more beeps, just dancing in the streets.

  2. SJR Says:

    now thats a good idea! I am off to the patent office lol.

  3. Mary anne gaetti Says:

    Similiar stuff happened to me after my operation. Two reasons occur to me: first your roids are wearing off, and secondly — and this was told to me by my neurologist: your brain may be growing back into the space vacated by the meningioma. If so your brain may be over stimulated which can manifest in a variety of symptoms — I won’t list mine as my tumor was in my cerebellum and triggered different responses. It’s scary before you live inside your head, but the eventually things clam down. Don’t worry.

  4. SJR Says:

    Thats interesting Mary Anne… I spoke to my GP today and he called it Hypervigilance which is apparently a normal response to the trauma of a big surgery. I guess we will see if I get over my dislike for things that bleep, I have a feeling that I won’t but at least I now know that my general feeling of sensory overload is normal!

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