Neuro-navigational system

February 14, 2009


This is St. Michael’s neuo-navigational system with some of the neurosurgery team. The machine is like a GPS locating system for the brain and tells you where you are on the surface of the head, and shows you what’s inside at that spot.

At St. Michael’s they call it “Markie’s Machine” as it was donated by Mark and Ann Curry. It can map out how to get to a certain point with millimetre accuracy. “When we take out a tumour, the system tells you whether you are beyond the edges of the tumour and the spot you want to be. It greatly increases the safety and success if the surgery because smaller incisions for patients mean a faster recovery.” (Dr. Macdonald, Keenan Chair of Surgery)

One Response to “Neuro-navigational system”

  1. laurissa25 Says:

    FANCY! We don’t have those machines in Newfoundland! haha

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