People keep asking…

February 15, 2009

No, I cannot smell anything. I can’t smell if milk is bad, if food being cooked smells good, or if public washrooms are not clean. It’s very strange, and I miss being able to rely on it! My smell was that of a sniffer dog before!

So far I can taste things that are very sweet like chocolate, things that are very salty like Marmite, things that are very spicy like hot sauce, and also very acrid flavours like vinegar. A new one is strawberries. They are all very strong flavours, and all favourites of mine.

Apparently these are common complication after having an olfactory grove meningioma removed. I was lucky not to have these symptoms beforehand. It will be many months until they can be properly assessed. As in my previous post, they need to wait for the edema (swelling) to subside around my frontal lobes. In the mean time I will enjoy every new flavour as it pops back. 

I have yet to have follow ups with my neurosurgeon or neurologist, so I don’t know what they will have to say about it all. It may be that I can taste everything, but not smell anything. They are so interwoven it is hard to distinguish the two.


4 Responses to “People keep asking…”

  1. smashedpea Says:

    Hey there 🙂

    I’ve stumbled across your blog a couple of weeks ago and I think I’m in the same Yahoogroup as you (though I haven’t posted much) – it’s quite the ‘journey’ we’re on, huh?

    I’m 5 1/2 months post-craniotomy for a largish anterior falcine meningioma (stuck to both frontal lobes) and the meningioma completely destroyed my sense of smell. There’s nothing coming back, though my neurosurgeon said that my tongue will learn, over time, to take over some of the functions my sense of smell had. I hope yours is coming back full-fledged, ’cause the world really is a much poorer place without it.

    Hang in there. Now that you’re off steroids things should pick up, at least that’s what happened for me.

  2. SJR Says:

    Thanks for your comment, quite the journey indeed! It is very likely we are in the same Yahoo group, being stuck at home I am posting quite a bit there in my boredom! What is your username on there? I am still trying to get familiar with everyone.

    I see you have a blog too, I will check it out so see what I have to expect down the road 🙂

  3. CKG Says:

    Positive, healing thoughts are coming your way, Sarah!

    I had a large (7 cm x 6 cm x 5 cm, or just smaller than a baseball) meningioma sucessfully removed from my left parietal lobe five months ago. Saw your comment on my blog and thought I’d navigate my way here. Hang in there and keep getting out when you can. –Tina

  4. Cheryl Says:

    My surgeon said what is gone is gone and for a year or better things will change. Seems weekly my taste changes. I liked something one week but the next week I don’t and it has been 13 months. There is always a “funny” smell also whether I am at home, in the car or even at the mall. My husband has been wearing the same cologne for months and now it really bothers me. I go back in December fo my next follow up hopefully to not find anything new.

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