Dent in my head

February 17, 2009


Well the swelling must be subsiding as I have discovered a pretty big dent in my head! It is on my right temple, and it simply does not exist on the other side.

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  1. Tyler Says:

    You’re better off. Symmetry is so last year.

  2. Ronda Deitch Says:

    I had surgery last October for a meningioma behind my right eye. I too now have a dent in my right temple. Just a little strange. I called my doctor and left a message asking if this was normal. The nurse called me back and said it was not uncommon and in most cases a result of the surgery. So I don’t get my hair cut too short and nobody knows but us…Thanks for sharing…

  3. Tony Says:

    I know how you feel. I had a craniotomy for an aneurysm and now the right side of my forehead has the same “dent” that you have. I wear my hair really short since I am a guy and it shows, but honestly I am thankful to be alive. You look great! I wouldn’t worry about it at all..

  4. manny Says:

    I have the same dent on my head right where yours is located too. its on my right temple too and there isnt one on my left, but im a guy so it is noticeable, ONLY to those who have nothing better to do then look at peoples heads haha. My family & friends never noticed it until i pointed it out.

  5. andy Says:

    I have the same problem, im a man of 27 years old. I had a tumor removed to the left temporal side of my skull in 1999 ( i was 16 years old) it is something I have always been concious about. I sometimes wish i had a perfect shaped skull 😦 I have had 2 cranioplasty ops to try and correct it but its not pefect. Its nice to know other people know how i feel and are in the same position.

  6. Pam Says:

    I am just now reading this and realize that the dent you have is like one of mine. I had the surgery four years ago to remove the meningioma with 5 plates and screws. I have yearly mri’s and one coming up in less than a month. This is my first blog ever to reply to! It is cool to have dents in your head because as a teacher it is a sign of uniqueness!!!..

  7. Curt Says:

    Hey everyone. I have a big dent as a result 2 craniotomis and an attempted cranioplasty. Basically the side fixed is find but the side where the tried to transfer part of the skullhas two three inch wide craters.

    I don’t know how I’ll take it when someday I go bald 🙂

    You can’t see the dent now, all you can see, when I have my hair cut too short, are the scare from the surgeries.

    I just don’t know. I almost want to shave away the hair, show the dents to the world, and just see what happens.

  8. vincie Says:

    has anyone had fluid fill the dent, i had my surgery on apr 27 and still have problem with fluid ns said normal it will go away.

  9. Robert Says:

    I have the same kind of dent (only worse) but no energy to develop a relationship with even one of several doctors that you have. I’m jealous. Let me know if one of them fixes your dent and maybe I will get off my ass and see them :/

  10. SJR Says:

    Hey Robert. My dent doesn’t seem so bad anymore. The swelling is long gone and my hairstyle covers it quite nicely. Sorry to hear yours is more troublesome 😦

  11. Beth A. Says:

    Hey, there. I have two plates in my forehead from my craniotomy for a large meningioma and I can feel them – dents and bumps. I guess it’s hard to put a head back together… I’m glad to be alive.

  12. Donna Atchison Says:

    Thank you for your blog. I am glad to be alive, no doubt. I, too have a dent in the side of my head. It is a hard fact, but also a sign of survival. Thank you for sharing. Sometimes I feel petty about putting so much value on symmetry. I am alive and thankful for everyday.

  13. Deb C Says:

    I am recovering from the removal of a meningioma in early February. I was originally told I had a “plate” in my skull, but at my 6-wk check up I was told that it is actually “clips” not a plate. I am very much aware of all of the bumps, bulges, dents, and other oddities on my scalp now. Does it ever go away? My tumor was just behind my left eye, near the optic nerve and cartoid artery. My left eye waters alot and just above my eye, I can feel a vertical ridge that seems to be about 2″ long. I have a 6 mos check in Aug or Sept which will include an MRI and a referral to the opthamology clinic to check my eye. This is still so new to me that I’m not sure what’s normal and what’s not. I had a seizure on a Fri morning, ambulanced to the hospital, transferred to the nearby University hospital, and had surgery on Tues. I have almost no memory of the days before surgery at all. I don’t remember being told what was wrong, what would be done, who came to visit, etc. I asked the doctor about that he said he believes it was the way my body chose to deal with the stress of what was happening to me. After surgery was over, I remember everything.

  14. Cheryl Says:

    I had a meningioma removed in July 2012. I have dents, grooves, and bulges on my head too. I was in the hospital in Feb. 2012 and had been discharged, as I was changing to leave I fell and bumped my head. I told the nurse and a CT was ordered. A mass showed up and the surgeon said we would watch it. After 3 months I had my first follow up MRI and found that it had grown. A few weeks later surgery was performed and except for the above mentioned scalp geography all is well.

  15. Terri Says:

    i’ve never read any blogs about this, it was so fun to read about others who have similar problems. i have have a miningioma behind my right eye and in my cavernous sinus part of the brain. i had surgery in 1990, and a dent that followed. They can’t get the tumor, but i feel quite lucky to only be dealing with cosmetic issues! By the way, my mother has multiple miningiomas. Does anyone else have a family history of it? It is not suppose to be genetic, but obviously it is!

  16. My aunt had one, and I found they do run in the family in females. If you have relatives with symptoms, please encourage them to see the doctor.

  17. dance Says:

    I had a large ODG resected in Feb.2012, and now sport a decompression at a tample and a bump where the skin incission was made. As a mature man I do not really care about the new finding and am quite happy and grateful to be alive with no other deficits. This is a cosmetic issue, and all post-op contributors please focus on what is important in life – your health, your family, the real friends who you know suported you when you have undergone thsese quite drastic, scary and always dangerous procedures. I also questioned the reason for the bump, and wondered after finding I had no metal plates to hold the bone flap, if my bone flap had not sunk into my scalp through the large craniotomy opening – but think that is not the case. It is interesting to read and learn about all possible complications even months after the surgery, such as the dreaded infection of the bone etc. Good luck to all of you, keep on living, we are all very lucky to be here & sharing the experience I call a return trip to Hell !

  18. …our dents are reminders of how we are survivors! they are what grounds us – what helps us focus on what is important each time we touch our scar or look in the mirror. death is real, and we conquered – make the most of the chance we have been given 🙂

  19. Marie Says:

    As my son said it, “Leave it, Mom. It’s your battle scar!”

  20. I had a resection of a large right frontal meningioma in 1996. I tolerated the procedure with the exception of a slight post op infection recovered quite nicely with a resultant dent in my skull.
    Following the post op instructions of my neurosurgeon I had safety CT scans at 5, 10 and 15 year intervals.
    My 15 year scan in 2011 showed a recurrence of the tumor in the exact same location as the original. As the size was minute (2 centimeters) it was left untreated but a follow MRI scan ordered a year later July 2012 revealed a growth in size to that of 4 centimeters. Consequently I am booked with the same Neurosurgeon that performed the original procedure who will deal with the recurrence at that time.
    So I will become a double dipper in the club…..Bummer !

  21. Sarah Rawlings Says:

    I had a resection of a large olfactory groove meningioma (the size of a lemon) on July 10, 2007. I have a small dent in the upper right quadrant of my skull; the burr hole drilled during surgery to prevent the build up of fluid. It is strange to touch – it feels like an infant’s fontanelle. When I asked my surgeon if it would ever heal up, he said “somewhat.” Ah, surgeons and their impeccable beside manner… It doesn’t bother me much as it’s not visible under my hair. I also have bumps on both sides of my forehead where the screws that attach the titanium plates to my skull reside. They are noticeable to me when I look in the mirror, and the spots are sometimes tender to the touch. On bad days, I sometimes I feel like Frankenstein, with massive bolts poking out the sides of my head. But, of course, nobody else notices them. They have become almost a “parlor trick” to the non-squeamish, who will touch them (only at my invitation, of course), as well as the burr hole, resulting in a reaction that ranges from calm fascination to giddy elation to, well, unexpected squeamishness. Now that I am 5 years out, I have no problem talking about my surgery, and the cool metal parts and weird hole that make me different and special (no, they do not set off airport metal detectors), but my boyfriend can hear none of it. If I even mention the surgery (which was long before I met him), he kinda freaks out. Understandable, I s’pose. No one wants to think of their loved ones going through something like that. In fact, throughout the process; the diagnosis of the tumor, surgery, and recovery, I think it was harder on my friends, and especially my family, than it was on me. When you’re going through it, there’s nothing you can do but get through it. My parents and sister were beside themselves with worry. I, on the other hand, made a joke in the recovery room, only moments after the anesthesia wore off. (I don’t recall now what it was, but I think it helped to put my family at ease, if only a little bit). I relied on humor a lot in the days and weeks that followed the surgery, particularly pertaining to my new “hairstyle.” When you come out of all of it on the other end, you’re grateful to be alive and kicking; everything else is secondary. Best of luck to all in the healing (physical, mental, and emotional) process, from someone who’s been tumor-free for a while now.

    And Richard, I’m so sorry you have to go through another surgery. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  22. Doris Markland Says:

    I woke this morning at 5:00 and couldn’t get back to sleep so I went to my chair and my computer. I decided to do a little research re meningiomas, and stumbled upon this blog site. I had a seizure in January and another seizure in May. An MRI showed that I have a meningioma on the right frontal, and I was given Keppra and told the tumor may have been there for a long time, was probably benign and slow-growing. The medicine makes me fall asleep several times a day. I had a feeling that the neurologist showed little interest in my case, probably because of my age.
    On advice of friends I am going to the Mayo Clinic in early September, where I’m sure I will be given much more information.
    My first seizure happened when I was on a public bus in Honolulu. Very weird. The second one happened at home as I sat in my chair watching TV. This time I called the rescue squad. The seizures affect my left arm and left leg and of course I go straight to the floor, my limbs twitching and flailing dramatically. I have two fears . . where will I be when another seizure comes . . and the tumor may be slow growing but how long has it been growing?
    What will happen next? So glad to read your reports on your experience. Thank you.

  23. joan wells Says:

    In may of this year I too had a craniodomy where thye had to remove the top of my skull because the tumor was located at the bottom right of my brain. I also have no taste or smell and will not get those senses back because it was attached to my ofactory senses. during the surgery i also had a mini stroke but like everyone else, I’m so happy and blessed to be alive and returning to work.

  24. velma myers Says:

    Sp scared I go to the Dr. monday for news about my meningimona behind my right eye it’s a little over 2cm not really having any problems but my Dr. wants me to see a neruo-surgeon I just feel like I have electric in my brain and some slight headaches at times–really freaking out thinking I might have to have brain surgery

  25. Doris Markland Says:

    My meningioma is small and no one even considered surgery, yet at the Mayo Clinic they called in a neuro-surgeon to give his opinion. They said it was standard to do that

    Good luck to you.

    Doris M

  26. Cheryl Says:

    Don’t freak out. I had this same surgery 16 months ago and things went so well. The recovery is really no big deal. The whole concept is really much scarier than the proceedure. The most pain I had was a headache for a week or two afterwards. Take care of it before it does cause any problem and things will be fine. I had my yearly re-check yesterday and all is well. if you need someone to talk to I can give you my phone number and we can talk. Really, don’t worry.

  27. velma myers Says:

    thanks Cheryl since I last wrote I went to the Dr. and he said they are going to use the Gamma Knife and do radiation– have u had this done–what are the pins in the head for and do they hurt going in—do they leave holes in the skull–brain surgery is so scary for me–and i hate the MRI’s and the Dr. said I have to be on steroids for a month b/c the brain swells and he said my diabetes levels will raise and that’s got me concern..any infro. will be helpful–thanks again for the support.

  28. Cheryl Says:

    Mine was to close to my eyes to use the Gamma knife. A friend had that done and there was no pain or other problems. When they went into my skull, they cut a triangle shaped piece of skull out to reach the brain and from what I understand, they put tiny screws to re-attach that piece. I do have lots of dents, 2 from the stableizer, 1 from the drain and the biggie from the incision. They did give me steroids in the hospital and I was on Keppra for a month, that is drug for siezures, which I never had. Honestly, I have had 2 shoulder surgerys and I would rather do the brain surgery again, It was so much easier in every way. With the Gamma I don’t think they shave your head. I shaved mine the night before because they only do part and I did not want a crazy do. Then I kept it short for a few months. It really is an easy procedure, don’t be scared. I can send you pix of what you won’t look like if you want. I hope this helps. I wish I had found this sight before my surgery. These miningeomas are more common than I realized. I had always had to go to the hospital and be knocked out for an MRI but, the last 2 I have had I did awake. I don’t look at the machine, lay down cover my eyes with a cloth and sing to myself. I suprised myself and as long as I don’t see anything, I’m ok. I have a wonderful neuro-surgeon, That also made a huge difference in the fear factor.

  29. SJR Says:

    Hi Velma, if you read my blog you will see that answers to all your surgery questions are there. Everything from the staples, to the pins, to post-surgery recovery.

  30. velma myers Says:

    thanks for your posting and all the infro. it was very helpful

  31. Lynne Says:

    Okay I am blogging for the first time ever. I had surgery for removal of a meningioma Aug 2011. I see a plastic surgeon tomorrow to discuss fixing the dent on my right temple.
    I am thrilled to be alive but part of moving on will be restoring myself to a former likeness, my dent is deep. I lost most of the vison in my left eye (the tumor was compressing the optic nerves and pituitary gland). This I can never change, the dent I hope to.

  32. Maureen Says:

    I had a meningioma removed Oct 17/12. Before my surgery, I was searching for information and found your blog. It helped to relieve my anxiety leading up to the big day. It helped tremendously as prior to the surgery, I couldn’t even say the words “brain tumour”. I would say I had a tumour in my head. I do have a nice dent but I assume that is normal based on your comments. I feel blessed that I had Dr. Muller as well. My 8 week follow-up is Dec 17/12 where I will get an opportunity to ask some questions but really your blog has been so so helpful. Thank-you for sharing your story.

  33. SJR Says:

    Best of luck with your follow-up. Dr Muller is great, I am glad you feel the same!

  34. Lynne Says:

    For the week between “the” diagnosis (you have a brain tumor) and the surgery I would spend my nights reading your blog. I kept saying if she made it through surgery then I might as well. You truly were that shining star or beacon that kept me sane. Words will never express how helpful your blog was and is!

  35. SJR Says:

    Thanks for your kind words Lynne. I hope you are doing well.

  36. Lynne Says:

    I have a question? when does someone who had brain surgery feel completely “back to normal” . I have odd sensations around the craniotomy site and the screws and little plates are tender to touch. But even more 15 months later I still have moments when I feel overwhelmed by the experience. Does anyone else have these moments this long after their surgery?

  37. Wonderful news Lynne, your story is most encouraging. I am scheduled for surgery Jan. 15. This is my second resection, I had the first surgical removal in 1996. The present tumor was detected in 2011 adjacent to the original site in the right frontal lobe.
    It is very important to schedule follow up scans at least in five year intervals,mine showed up after 15 years. It would seem that it is quite possible that a tiny tumor cell missed during the original procedure can grow over the years to a size that requires further surgical removal. At least that seems to be the case for me.
    My present tumor is now 5 centimetres in size and gives me no apparent problems in terms of pain or discomfort,hopefully this situation will continue until the procedure is completed.
    Thanks again for sharing your experience with us .

  38. Lynne Says:

    Richard I am sorry to hear you have to have another surgery! It is something that is in the back of all our minds (no pun intended).
    I was told I have a 70% chance it will not return and 30% it will. Like you, if it does, it will be years from now. How are you coping with facing a second surgery? I wish you a smooth surgery and recovery. Let us know how you are doing.

  39. velma myers Says:

    why don’t they do the gamma knife on you –I’m having it done sometime after Christmas

  40. Lynne thank you for your kind wishes. I am doing well while I await my surgical date,I have been experiencing minimal discomfort with symptoms of pressure rather than pain. My primary concern is that I hope to remain seizure free prior to my surgery.
    My resection has been delayed due to my neurosurgeon who underwent cancer surgery and is not scheduled to return to his duties until early January.i have extreme confidence in him as he is the surgeon who performed my original procedure in 1996.
    I have been given to understand that instances of reoccurrence of these tumours are extremely rare,so hopefully you and others will not have to experience a second surgery.

  41. Velma you pose a good question, the gamma knife treatment has never been discussed with my neurosurgeon. I assume that because in my case the meningioma is easily accessible and is almost certainly benign there is no need to use radiation. Again this is very much an assumption on my part but I will certainly ask my neurosurgeon about the options and the ramifications involved .

  42. Cheryl Says:

    It depends on the location of the tumor. They did not use it on me because the tumor was too close to my optic nerve

  43. velma myers Says:

    Hi Cheryl, getting ready to do the gamma knife this Wed. but today we found out that my grand-daughter has a tumor on her optic nerve and very scared for her and they called it a meningioma to–she is 23 and Iam worried for her now. it laying right against her eye and she has had some bleeding and pain that’s what sent her to the ER. the pain was so bad and headaches and her eye even bruised. She set to see an eye Dr. and then many more Drs. to follow.

  44. Cheryl Says:

    Best of luck to both of you. Mine was what is called an Olfactory meningioma, it was located on in the area that controls smell and taste. I did superb in surgery and since surgery. I would feel comfortable in saying she will do the same. Have faith in the surgeon, they do remarkable things. My surgery was, in this day and age, routine, no biggy. I am sure things will go routine and she will have a speedy recovery. Keep me posted. God Bless.

  45. Kim Says:

    When I was 24 years-old, I had a meningioma removed in July 1999 (it was the size of my fist). It was located in the right frontal lobe but caused a stroke in my optic nerve the morning of the surgery, placing me in a thirteen hour coma. I lost all peripheral vision on my left side, but thankfully I survived and am doing well. I have been experiencing some headaches this year, and I noticed a small bruise on my right temple (never noticed this in the past 13 years). I had a checkup about four or five years ago, and other than arthritis in my head and neck, there were no signs of tumor growth. Should I be worried?

  46. Cheryl Says:

    Kim, a check up the your neuro would not hurt. Since it has been so long since your last check up maybe you are due for a folllow up even if it is for piece of mind. I have been having headaches and a couple of tender spots on my head but, at this time I am not terribly concerned. My last MRI was in Nov. 2012 and all was OK. Still a little swelling and changes in the smell of things but, was told that meant things were still working and healing. The healing process I have found is not quick, it can take months. Good luck to you.

  47. Lynne Says:

    Understandably you are concerned. Start with your GP and he/she will direct you from there. You should not be worried , be proactive 🙂 It is most likely not re-growth; however, anyone with a history should always follow up.
    I lost all the peripheral vision in my left as well ! (18 months ago was my surgery) somedays I really notice and sometimes I knock my head on something I didn’t see. Did you forget about it completely eventually and stop bumping into things?

  48. Kim Says:

    Thank you for the advice. I think a follow-up appointment will provide me with the peace of mind I need. Lynne, I tend to turn my head to the left, so I can have some peripheral. Unfortunately, I still bump into things occasionally. I just have to be more aware of my surroundings. I’m a high school teacher, and if I’m walking in the halls and a student cuts over from the left, I have run into him/her. They probably just think I’m uncoordinated.

  49. I just had my second resection Feb 5 2013 ,things went well although I have a doozer of a horse shoe shaped surgery scar to deal with. Follow up ct. scan was clean,my neuro advised that mine is an ” A” type meningioma which has a history of recurrence ,because of the flat conformity of my tumour I was not a candidate for the Gamma knife.. I believe that one would be wise to schedule future scans so as to detect any recurring growths as early as possible.
    Richard E Fulks.

  50. Lynne Says:

    🙂 I know that bumping into thing very well, I am a nurse and I really have to pay attention to my left, only banged my head really hard on an IV pole once. The patient asked if he should ring the call bess for me 🙂
    I laugh about these things mostly.
    Keep me posted on your appointment.

  51. Lynne Says:

    Hi Richard
    I am glad to here your surgery went well, yeah !!
    Did they go in the same place as your original surgery? How long between surgeries and how often were you getting scans between the two?
    I am not familiar with type A , I know of the WHO grading of type 1,2, 3 or 4.
    Rest lots, I’ll send positive thoughts your way as you recover.

  52. Thank you Lynne ,this surgery was adjacent to the original site of the original procedure that was done 16 years ago.i had scheduled scans every five years,the latest tumour appeared 15 years after the original .thank you for the positive thoughts,they are much appreciated.

  53. One week post -op and as a survivor of two surgeries on my right frontal lobe ,I am doing fine and feeling very well.Latest surgery ,although longer than expected (5 1/2 hrs.) went well and the post- op scan was clean,so that I am very thankful for all of that.As for post- op issues,I have none,vision,smell,taste all appear to be as normal. Pain ,pre – op through post -op was minimal to non existent.
    I would like to thank all contributors to this site for all the kind thoughts,good wishes,encouragement and helpful information provided by their posts.
    I would especially like to thank Sarah for having the ingenuity and the initiative to provide this wonderful site for all of us members of “the Dent Club”.

  54. Sheila Giammetta Says:

    God bless all of you. I had cranial right brain surgery to repair an aneurysm on right side. Could not do the coil up the groin as it had too large of a neck and would not have been stable. So I have a clip . I had my surgery Jan 3rd 2013 and have not even read the entire report yet. Just glanced through it. So my explanations are not very clear right now. Perhaps in a few weeks I can be more detailed. As I read through this blog I remembered some things that may have been symptoms before my CT showed the aneurysm.
    But the main reason I got up to seek an answer was I have just noticed a dent at my right temple in last few weeks. I just wanted to know if it was common. I can see it is. That is comforting as I was released from my neurosurgeon Jan 30th. One week in hospital, two weeks in rehab, going on three weeks home I think, with nurses and physical therapist coming in to check on me. I have had severe pain in my right arm from outside at elbow down to my pinky. Pinky is partially numb, burns. Taking extra pain meds, ice packs, pressure wraps on wrist and elbow. Had a cervical epidural by my pain management dr just 2 days ago with steroids to try to help inflammation. Had nerve conduction test done and waiting on results of that. I suspect that my head in a certain position for seven and half hours pinched the nerves in the neck that is affecting the ulna. I am giving this procedure a few days to work , then consulting an ortho surgeon as I understand ulna surgery would correct it. I am planning on a move out of state to be near son and family and want to be pain free to enjoy those grand kids! I am a woman of faith and am never depressed but have noticed that I have some underlying depression going on so going to see my shrink in next few weeks and see if I can get some medication to help temporarily.
    Tonight has been the longest I have felt like staying on the computer for very long since the surgery. I did lift my spirits last night by blow drying my hair and using a curling iron. I look as if my C scar is from a face lift! I too am so happy to still be here to enjoy more time with family and friends. I also feel closer to God and Jesus and heaven. I was strangely at peace before the surgery too. I have a numb area on top of my head and the dr said he put a man hole cover in , with 2 burr holes in the middle of it. I am just now grasping some of the extent of the experience and possibilities of future things to watch for such as bone infection. But I am going to stay positive and take it a day at the time. God has a plan for all of us and He led me to all of you tonight. Now I am going to bed and rest in His peace. I pray all of you will too. Thanks so much for all the sharing, and as I am thinking more clearly and read my medical reports, I will try to relate some of the symptoms I may have had before and the weakness in my left leg and progress as I go.
    Thank you all and I will keep all of you in my prayers.

  55. SJR Says:

    Glad it went so well! I like the “dent club” idea 😉

  56. Lynne Says:

    Hi Sheila
    Slow and steady wins the race;recovery from surgery is a process physically, mentally and spiritually. I wish you well along the way.

  57. I am grateful to you all for continuing to share your stories. I shall live with my ‘dent’ – the operative word being LIVE. One heck of an experience I never imagined experiencing or sharing. I love connecting on something I had previously thought could never happen to me. You fellow dent club members bring me great cheer and HOPE

  58. I am now nearing 1 month post -op on my second resection and am feeling quite close to “normal”. My resection went well with no post – op complications,however, the type of tumour that was removed this time around was termed as an atypical grade II which means that it has a high risk factor of recurrance.My neuro advised that given the type of tumour that i had ,he was referring me to the local Cancer Clinic for an oncologist to give a second opinion on the need for post- op therapy. In the event I met with the oncologist who recommended radiation therapy as a preventive application so as to reduce the chance of further recurrance.
    Apparently the recurring tumour is much more aggressive than the original ( my second tumour doubled in size within a twelve month period) so that those with a previous meningioma must be ever cautious and aware of possible recurrance.
    In my situation I was pleased to learn that my pathology report showed no presence of malignant cells and was termed as totally benign.The upcoming radiation treatments in my case are purely preventive and are much more preferable than the prospect of further surgery should I suffer yet another recurring tumour. For all my fellow members of the “Dent Club ” I would suggest that you insist on periodic scans so as to detect any possible recurrance of these little monsters. In my case my family Dr. Insisted that my headache problem was sinus related,luckily I insisted on a CT scan which showed that my meningioma had indeed reappeared.

  59. Cheryl Says:

    My neuro write orders or me on my yearly visit for a MRI once a year for 5-6 years. It hangs on my fridge as a reminder that every Nov I get a scan. Mine grew a cm all the way around in 3 months. Too fast for me.

  60. I appreciate the ongoing input. Thank you Richard for sharing your update. I had a craniotomy for an Atypical Grade II in November of 2011. I had a scan in December of 2012. I go back again in June of 2013. It’s odd how your outlook on headaches changes once you have had a craniotomy. There is a lot of sinus stuff going on and I get migraines. I take a Relpax and it gets better. I am so blessed Radiation was never mentioned. I feel awkward. An aggresive ‘benigh’ tumor still must be monitored so still can’t go through care-free as before. So many hear benign and think life should go back to normal, but it is a ‘new’ normal. I am rambling, but thankful for the arena we have to let it all. Blessings, Donna

  61. Lynne Says:

    Good news for you, thrilled to hear your tumor is completely benign ! I wish you well with the radiation therapy, any word on the impact of radiation on your overall well being and subsequent recovery from radiation?
    Glad to hear you reinforce the importance of advocating for yourself.
    Take care 🙂

  62. Sheila Giammetta Says:

    Richard, I have not been able to reply to anyone from my Kindle but am on my computer now so wanted to jump in here and tell you that you are in my prayers from here on out.
    And without sounding too “preachy” I want to recommend some books to all of you on this blog.
    When we lost my sister(heart surgery) and mother(lung cancer) a week apart in 2007, my niece needed lots of support and we started looking for books on Heaven. My first was “Close Encounters of the God Kind” by Jesse Duplantis, (you can just skip to the chapters on his vision of his visit to Heaven), “Heaven is for Real” by Todd Burpee think, a vision his 3 year old had when he went to Heaven, “Proof of Heaven”, by Dr Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon who was formerly an agnostic. There are some more I am going to get that have been on best seller list. All of these 3 have some same things to report about heaven. I can tell you that you will find more peace after reading these, AND THAT GOD HAS A PLAN FOR EACH OF YOU AND THAT IS WHY WE ARE STILL HERE! HE HAS A PLAN AND WE ALL HAVE A FUTURE HERE ON EARTH!
    And Richard, Kudo’s for staying proactive in your own care!
    I am experiencing some of the same thing as my ulna in my lower right arm and hand has me on heavy pain meds since my right brain aneursym surgery in January. My pain management dr is great but he thinks that a few injections of steroids is the answer.
    Not working. So I am going to see an ortho surgeon. Not necessarily for surgery, but this is his area of expertise.
    You humble me Richard and you will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  63. Donna your kind thoughts and prayers are very much appreciated,thank you so much. I am very interested in your situation in that we both had similar atypical grade II meningioma s.i understand the need for frequent monitoring ,can you tell me the frequencies that your neuro has recommended for you. I am scheduled now for post-op radiation therapy and I understand that the application is strictly for preventive purposes.i intend to keep fellow members of the ” Dent club” apprised of my experiences with this type of therapy going forward.

  64. Thank you Lynne and Sheila,as this radiation therapy is an entirely new experience for me I hesitate to comment on any side effects at this point,my Oncologist suggested the possibility of hair loss,fatigue,and headache due to swelling and inter cranial pressure,I will post on any side effects when I get further into the program.thank you for your past kind postings.

  65. Sheila Giammetta Says:

    So happy to read the word benign! And as one of you said, we continue with our NEW normal way of life! I dare say we have all been changed in so many ways from our experiences.
    I see the ortho surgeon next week for a consult on what is causing the pain in my hand and the numb pinky.He will be armed with my neck catscan, an xray, a nerve conduction test, and an ultra sound to offer his opinion and tell me a solution. So far it is one opinion that it is from the neck and need a steroid injection at the “joint” in the neck. I still believe it was caused from the positioning of my head for the surgery to repair the right brain aneurysm for seven and half hours.
    One girl I have talked to had an aneurysm repaired on one side of her brain and before she left the hospital found she had 2 more on other side of her brain! She had to go back for that surgery 6 months later!
    I am so blessed and happy to report that my mild depression has lifted and I am looking forward to moving next month to be near my son and family. I plan on going back to work somewhere and still have some good years left in my working life! Hope to work til I am in my 80s!
    My prayers are with you Richard as you go through your recovery. Things are looking up for you!
    To our new normal , fellow members of The Dent Club!

  66. Maricris Says:

    I had a right frontal cranio done March 17, 2013 to get an aggressive cavernoma out. I noticed a dent in my right temple too a week or so after returning home. When I asked my doc about it, He said it sometimes happens because they cut into the “chewing muscle” that lives there. He also said that some people decide to insert a little plate to flatten it out. I just cut my hair so my bangs cover it up when I am in public. If worrying about this visible dent is the cost for healing from brain surgery, then I am truly blessed!!

  67. Erin Says:

    Hello I am three weeks post op as of today for a right temporal lobe craniotomy for a AVM. Everything with my recovery has been going so well but I noticed these dents on my right side of my forhead. With concern that something could be wrong I THANKFULLY found this blog and all of you stories showing that this is something that happens during brain surgery.

    I forgot the name of who said it but the best way to view this is that I am alive! And now part of this elite group in the dent club. Also my brilliant neurosurgeon removed the entire AVM and I haven’t had a seizure since the day before surgery. I will trade my epilepsy for a uniquley shaped head over and over again!!!!

    Thank you all for sharing your stories 🙂

  68. Lynne Says:

    Congratulations on the total removal of your AVM ! And welcome to our club 🙂
    I wanted to let everyone know I had a repair to my dent. I don’t know what all of yours look like, mine was unsightly (supported by close friends and family). I had what looked like a bullet wound inside the concave area on my right temple, closer to my eye and not covered. The slight concavity was okay the “hole” was not. I had it filled with some of my own fat from my abdomen, it looked amazing initially but has gradually sunk in. However, it is not nearly what it use to be. I will see my surgeon in a couple of months and we will discuss a second fill or not. I like many of you am more thankful to have survived brain surgery and wouldn’t trade it off for aesthetics but I wanted to share for any of you who are concerned with your dent, there are options.
    And I would love to here how Richard is doing after radiation therapy? Hope all went well, thinking of you.

  69. Sheila Says:

    Welcome to the dent club, Lynn!
    I too found the blog while searching for reason I had a dent over my right ear after brain aneurysm surgery.
    It was so comforting to find all you folks!
    And now I am recouping from belly button hernia surgery on Monday!
    Doing fine but having to control urges to move boxes to unpack.
    Just moved into new apartment and having good time shopping at thrift stores to decorate!
    I live in central Florida, so come meet me for lunch, anytime any of yall are near!
    So glad you found us, Lynn!

  70. margo Says:

    just found the dent club blog! i had a craniotomy on august 20th to remove a baseball-size parasagittal meningioma from my left parietal lobe. i had pre-op embolization which really helped ready me for the surgery. i too have have a dent in my left temple! my mengi was benign & i will have an MRI in feb, 6 months post surgery. glad to have found your blog. margo

  71. Cheryl Says:

    Post-op MRI #3 tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

  72. Lynne Says:

    Margo, take care; waiting for those post op MRI’s can be stressful
    Cheryl. hope all went well with your MRI
    I am booked for second reconstruction surgery for my dent, it was very bullet hole looking . It’s better, one more should do it.

  73. Marie Says:

    Hi Lynne! What type of reconstruction surgery are you having for the dent? I don’t like looking at mine and want to do something about it.
    Thanks for sharing.

  74. Cheryl Says:

    There was something about increased T2 and FLAIR signal abnormality in periventricular white matter. Central and cortical involutional changes are noted Whatever that means. Waiting to go in for follow-up with surgeon. If anyone else has had/heard those terms LMK please.

  75. Lynne Says:

    Hi Marie
    I had fat from my abdomen used to fill my dent. It went well but , to be expected, it did settle in after a few months. There is definitely improvement though and I am going for another fill on the 7th. The surgeon gave me the option of this or having a molded structure put in place, the molded piece required reopening the incision etc etc so am opting for the fat injections. I hope the fat eventually stay put and keeps the dent full. Mine was rather unsightly unfortunately, but getting better.

  76. Lynne Says:

    Hi Cheryl
    I have no idea what those finding are either, keep us posted on your follow up appt. please 🙂
    Merry Christmas to anyone who celebrates for those who do not happy winter 🙂

  77. Catherine Hanson Says:

    the Internet is so wonderful! I’m 42 years old and had a craniotomy in June this year to insert a clip to stop bleeding from brain aneurysm- i had been dealing with the horror and recovering incredibly well until the last few weeks when my body has decided to go into panic mode. My skull was completely numb for the first few months – but with the feeling coming back it has brought panic. I too have a massive dent in the side of my head which doesnt really bother me too much..I can cope with looking wonky headed 🙂
    anyway its been so comforting to read other people’s comments as i feel like the Health Service has just left me to get on with things…all the best fellow head-denters x

  78. Lynne Says:

    Hi Catherine
    post op brain surgery is daunting, give yourself time and give yourself a break ! no need to prove to anyone how great you are doing. Just because you are healthy enough not to be in the hospital or are not being seen by your doc as much does not mean you have to move on and forget your experience. 5 months is very fresh for the surgery you had.
    isn’t this a wonderful forum for connecting with others who have had similar experiences. Glad you found us 🙂

  79. Hi, Got to say this blog is brilliant, I wished i had found it some months ago. You are all amazing people. I had surgery May 2014 to remove 5.6cm Meningioma, front right, and thankfully had a very good neurosurgeon who was able to completely remove it. It was benign thankfully. I now feel like a completely different person (for the better) than i was prior to surgery. Symptoms were very bad and i was very sick. Still get some headache pain, and neck pain now an issue, Surgery was 9 hours so may have something to do with neck pain. My main concern at moment is weakness in my right arm and mild jumps/twitches throughout my body. Has anyone else experienced this? I am awaiting another scan. But all in all very happy to be alive and certainly have a new appreciation for life 🙂

  80. Richard Elston Fulks Says:

    Congrats to you Michele and welcome to the “Dents Club”
    I am a two time survivor of the procedure with two cranis fifteen years apart.(1996-2013)
    After the second resection I underwent six weeks( 30 treatments) of preventive radiation therapy.
    I now am scheduled for 4 more years of twice a year CT scans to gaurd against recurrence .
    I found the rad very difficult, lost all my hair,and almost
    Two years post rad before the burning scalp dissipates to a tolerable degree.
    Apart from the above no other concerns,just happy to still be here.

  81. Thank you Richard, I have read some of your posts and you are truly remarkable, you have had it tough and your positivity remains and is infectious, well done mate.

    I was with my GP today who is going to refer me back to my surgeon to see what is happening with my twitches and weakness in arm. I may have to start Keppra anti seizure meds again, oh no i will be a zombie if i do. Oh and by the way I also have a lovely ‘dent’ 🙂

    Keep well.

  82. Mary Says:

    I had a golf ball sized meningioma removed in Feb, 2012. My skull was cut from ear to ear over the top of my head. Have deep dent all across along with lumps and bumps. It doesn’t go away. In fact it seems to change, but is always there. Head is sore if I rub it, and especially when I bump it there, as I have titanium in my head. Glad that this appears to be ‘normal’. Had a very uncooperative neurosurgeon who’d never answer questions and no one to ask. God bless you all, we are alive, and as one person said, these are our war scars. We not only won the battle, but the war, too. I have yearly MRIs and last one showed my brain clean as a whistle.

  83. Georgia Says:

    I had 3 aneurysm and 2 embolisms 4 years ago. On new years eve I was experiencing a terrible headache and the next thing I knew I was on a operating table saying my prayer to my lord and Savior. I awoke 10 hours later in recovery. My life has never been the same. If you are interested in the rest of my journey ask me anything? Not one thing in my life has remained the same. Not even my married name

  84. georgiab52 Says:

    Hey life after 3 brain aneurysms and 2 brain embolisms 4 years post op crainionomy. We can make it.

  85. Mary Says:

    Georgia, My life has changed, too. I and most who know me think for the better, but my husband thinks I’ve a raving crazy person. Most think I’m nicer. I do too. I have more energy and feel the best I’ve felt in my life but not everyone thinks so. One son is ok with me, the other has a mentality of a different generation and doesn’t think I’m smart enough to understand anything. My dent goes up and over like a horse shoe from side to sude and will never go away. On the right side it has also become bumpy. If I hit my head there it is awfully painful I guess because there’s titanium there. I don’t know what to think. I thank Jesus everyday for my life here and IN Him, though.

  86. Mary Says:

    Yep, a dent in our heads is nothing compared to complications, vegetation or even death.

  87. georgiab52 Says:

    Today wound up back to see my neuro. Was suffering from a terrible head crushing headache for the last 4 days. Finally gave in because I started getting that feeling of what if? If you all had brain bleeds you know the rest. He had to put me on a course of steroids and upped all my seizure meds. I became very frustrated in his office. I asked him why I suffer these chronic headaches and seizures? He said……. it could be the 5 clips you have in your brain. It seems when I don’t sleep well or I am under any amount of stress it does effect this. Does anyone else understand any of this? I am totally down right now.

  88. Mary Says:

    I had to wait 4 months for my tumor surgery and was prescribed Seroquel and 4, yes count em, 4 Benedryl for sleep. It worked but I still woke up every hour on the hour soaked to the skin with sweat and had to pull a layer of sheeting off the bed and change night gowns, also eat because of the Decadron for brain swelling. My situation was ciompletely different from yours, but ask about that sleeping regiment. Did he check for anymore problems, did you get another CT scan? I know we all get a lot of radiation from them, but it’s bettern than worrying. Thankfully, my brain is clean, free of any tumor remnants but I still use the sleeping regiment if I can’t sleep. Be well, Georgia. God Bless. I pray for you in Jesus’ name that these episodes will just go away.

  89. Sandra Wearins Says:

    I had a large calcified mengeomia removed from my frontal lobe on October 22nd, 2015. My recovery is going slowly. I can no longer smell and I have a dent on the left side of my head. I also have a metallic taste in my mouth that will not go away. Sometimes, I feel like others do not understand what I am going through.

  90. Cheryl P. Says:

    The metallic taste may be from meds. Just had a two year follow up with neuro and after 4 1/2 years since my craniotomy, things are still changing. still can’t use a brush, it hurts my scar. My head is like the surface of the moon, all bumpy and lumpy. Never thought the healing would take so long. One more MRI in 2 years and I am done.

  91. Pat Reilly Says:

    Pat Reilly

    18 May 2016

    I had a meningioma removed August 2015. Have a skull with dips and gullies, a sore arm and a dodgy leg but I am alive. I am 67. I had all my affairs in order before the operation as all any of the Doctors said was “they were sorry”. I am alive and well because of their expertise. I want it all back so an working hard at my fitness and strength. The worst thing – I now have curly hair – I have had straight hair since I was born – makes me laugh. There are so many people worse off than me.

  92. Cheryl P. Says:

    Pat, learn to love your dent. It is your battle scar and will be with you always. 🙂

  93. Mary Says:

    I passed out behind the wheel of my car in heavy traffic in Oct, ’11. Wasn’t quite sure if I actually passed out or just became distracted. I hit a truck’s hitch and demolished the front end of my car. I drove my car home, wrecked, and didn’t think much of the event until a few days later when I thought I might as well see the dr. The report was instantaneous, a golf ball sized meningioma in the right frontal lobe of my brain. They claimed it had been growing from 20-40 years, but oddly when they went back into past CT’s they first saw it just 3 years prior but I was ever told. I had to wait 4 months for surgery when I’d qualify for Medicare. Meanwhile I was put on Decatron, an almost deadly steroid medication to reduce the swelling in my brain. I ate incessantly, had horrific night sweats and I was ambulances 3 times to hospital for horrific falls. Finally surgery took place. I lay for 5 days in hospital with delusions and fear, unaware of my surroundings. I now have a permanent dent in my head from ear to ear across the top of my head, My hair dresser cuts my hair according to how it grows at the dent. Have met many others with dented heads, WHY? What causes the dents? I know I have a titanium plate in that entire area. Was the skull not replaced, or what? Many questions, no answer. Also didn’t help that I had a fantastic surgeon, in fact two surgeons in OR, but no bedside manner whatsoever. I went into and out of surgery not knowing what to expect before/after surgery. I still wonder about it all.

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