Update, 3 weeks post-op

February 18, 2009

So it is now 3 weeks to the day since my surgery. I still have no follow-up with my neurosurgeon. I called his office yesterday and they still haven’t scheduled it! It really is so everyday to them. You just have to trust their experience and that they cast you out into the world when you are ready for it. Luckily my GP has said I can go see him whenever I need to, no appointment necessary. Even more lucky is that I haven’t had to take him up on his offer.

I have seen my naturopath however, he seemed shocked with how I looked and questioned if I had actually had the surgery haha. I am now taking Vitamin C, D, B, Zinc (for taste), and Probiotics (to reduce chance of infection). No Omega 3 (major brain food) yet as it acts a blood thinner. I also have the homeopathic remedy Belladonna to take in situations when the the hypervigilance gets bad.


2 Responses to “Update, 3 weeks post-op”

  1. smashedpea Says:

    Not sure this helps, but my first follow-up had been scheduled during surgery (and been given to my husband while he was waiting) for 8 weeks post-surgery.

    Yes, I almost keeled over, too.

    But it gets better….. Dr. Hotshot himself phoned me the night before the appointment to tell me that “something semi-urgent has come up” – for me to not bother coming in, since had to go save some other person’s life the morning of my appointment. I was soooo disappointed, ’cause this was an appointment I really wanted. I guess just to hear officially that everything that was happening was normal and that I was really going to be okay.


    My appointment ended up being about 10 or 11 weeks post-surgery. And yes, fiddling around people’s brains and leaving them to deal with the fall-out is entirely routine to them.

    Hang in there! Given that you’re only three weeks post-op you seem to be doing really well. I finished my steroids around that time and my brain was still coming up with new problems – definitely not ready (or capable) of much of anything.

  2. SJR Says:

    Thanks for the reassurance! I called his receptionist yesterday and she said the letter with my app. time would be mailed in the next couple of days. I expect it will be another month for the actual appointment, but it would be nice to have a date and time to write in the calendar 🙂

    Gotta love how saving someone’s life is just semi-urgent!

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