Apparently there’s a name for these olfactory hallucinations…

February 22, 2009

“Phantosmia: smelling an odor for which there is no stimulus, a ‘phantom smell’.”

All I can say is that it is annoying, and the smell has become more chemically. It comes and goes, but if I can keep myself busy and keep my mind off it, generally it goes away. Of course I am surrounded my chemicals as I write this…

Uuugh, where’s a neurologist when you need one lol?!


8 Responses to “Apparently there’s a name for these olfactory hallucinations…”

  1. kari brown Says:

    dr. donald leopold. he’s very well versed in phantosmia. he saved me.

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  4. Cherie Says:

    I would like to know more about Dr. Leopold and the options I have for this smell in my nose and mouth, phantosmia. I had a head injury in Feb of 2009 and it has progressively gotten worse. Two weeks ago the scent in my nose and back of my throat is now burned plastic scent…yuck!!! I am to the point I have to plug my nose in order to eat ANYTHING!!! I really need some help with this. Any advice or knowledge about this would be greatly appreciated!!!

  5. SJR Says:

    Cherie you and me both, I need some answers too! Dr. Leopold is in the US, so hard for me as a Canadian to go see unfortunately. I am only just starting to investigate my phantosmia with my neurologist. In a couple of months I am having an EEG to rule out olfactory seizures as the cause of the smells. Apparently this area is quite prone to it. He doesn’t think that’s the case for me, but it’s good to rule out first.

  6. Maureen Says:

    I can’t seem to shake this smell of exhaust fumes all the time. I wake up at night choking and am having such a hard time sleeping and I am also having trouble organizing my thoughts. Have had many severe health complications for quite a while. I thought I was going crazy and I’m so glad to know others are experiencing this. I’m going to check out some other websites regarding phantosmia, I am also Canadian and will not be able to seek out Dr. Leopold. Thanks for everyone sharing their experiences!

  7. Cheryl Says:

    I too have a strange smell. Can’t put my finger on what it is, but it is there all the time. It is so annoying. Some foods I won’t eat anymore because it taste awful now. Thanks for this site, I am finding out more than I knew was happening. I thought after the surgery, I was done with any problems.

  8. Rhonda Says:

    It will be 2 yrs in Dec since I had my tumor removed and still have the terrible smells all the time. At times they make me sick to my stomach or give me headaches. I have found that keeping mints handy it does help, I like peppermint lifesavers the best!

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