Early detection

March 1, 2009

Something I have learnt is to follow your instincts, you know when something isn’t quite right with you. Early detection is everything in the world of brain tumours – as with many ails –  so paying attention is essential. We need to start finding these things on purpose though, and not by accident like so often happens.

As the Brain Tumor Foundation has said, if only the general population could have routine head MRI’s, just like we work preventatively with PAP smears, mammograms, colonoscopy and prostate exams. Besides, according to the Brain Tumor Foundation an estimated 1 million people* have undiagnosed brain tumours (of all varieties) in the US**, 25,000 of them in NYC. 

*Every site quotes different statistics so this just gives a rough idea.        

**Sorry, Canadian statistics are much harder to come by.


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