View MRI & CT scans in 2D, 3D VR, & 4D… all on your Mac!

March 2, 2009

I have a Mac both at home and at work, and if it wasn’t for Parallels I wouldn’t be able to look at all those MRI and CT scan CDs that pass through my hands. Unfortunately I don’t like polluting my Macs with a virtual PC! 

Luckily I just came across this incredible software called OsiriX that not only allows you to view your MRIs and CTs, but it does a whole lot more than that. It shows you the standard flat slices, but also translates the original images into 3D, 4D, fly-through sequences, and SO much more. 

Even Apple is talking about it saying it can even be used through iChat AV, viewed on your iPod and in iTunes, stored and shared on iDisk, and also uses Quicktime VR.

Here are some examples:



3D Volume Rendering from CT (Quicktime)


You can go see many more examples of what the software can do here.

OsiriX is freeware and you can download it here.

Now I just have to go get copies of those scans again so I can try this out, you can guarantee my surgeon will want to keep the ones I have already given him!

Great link JTed.


4 Responses to “View MRI & CT scans in 2D, 3D VR, & 4D… all on your Mac!”

  1. Agency Nurse Says:

    Very useful thanks!

  2. Almost American Says:

    My local hospital is still telling people that the CD they hand over with the MRI scans on it is not viewable on a Mac 😦 I have to set them right on that! OsiriX works just fine!!

  3. I tried viewing the MRI scan after downloading OsiriX software, however I keep getting the message”osiriX can not be opened because of a problem.” After numerous downloading attempts I still can not view MRI on my Mac OS X. Does anyone has similar problem/know the solution?

  4. SJR Says:

    Zoran I posted this a while ago and I can’t remember if I was able to get it to work properly. I think I actually ended up finding a friend with a PC (as the CD will work fine on a PC) and then doing screen captures.

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