Hey Mr Surgeon I have already started my list of questions for you

March 5, 2009

So my follow-up with my surgeon on April 2nd, over 2 months after my surgery. Hey, lets do a craniotomy, now shoo shoo off into the world! To be honest though, it has all been absolutely fine and I haven’t needed to see a doctor asides from having my staples removed. 

I can finally get all my questions answered, GPs really don’t see (m)any brain surgery patients so can’t really answer anything with certainty…

  • How is my brain, my cerebral edema, my skull, my incision?
  • Am I officially 100% tumour free, and was it definitely WHO Grade 1?
  • Is the gaping hole in the middle of my head filled with brain again? Lets see that CT!
  • Give me a time-line on this no-smell thing! Plus, the persistent chemical smell is getting really really boring. 
  • When will the large areas on my head that have no feeling, sort out the nerve damage? When my head gets itchy, I can’t feel anything when I scratch. Its driving me bonkers!
  • Do I still have to sleep on a 30 degree angle? Your nurses put the fear of god in me when it comes to head drainage! I’d really like to go back to a single pillow.
  • When can I exercise again? More than walking that is, I’m talking getting back to spinning and running here. 
  • When can I ride a bike, or more specifically when is it ‘safe’ for me to fall off a bike?Will it ever be safe?  I love my little Dahon, and hate the TTC.
  • When can I drink tea/caffeine again, and alcohol… when can I have a lovely glass of red again? Mmmmm Cabernet Sauvignon!
  • When can I fly? Life owes me that Parisian honeymoon that we had to cancel.
  • And I know neurosurgeons don’t care about vanity, but I’d like to know if  I will always have a dent in my head, and when I can have a hair cut, and use styling products. 
  • When will I be able to go back to work? Right now I can’t even concentrate through a 2hr lecture and be able to function afterwards.

There will be many more questions by April…


4 Responses to “Hey Mr Surgeon I have already started my list of questions for you”

  1. CKG Says:

    Hi Sarah, Smashedpea found my blog through Google alerts, which in turn is how I found yours. My menigioma was successfully removed in September, so I’m about six months out. Email me if you’d like the answers to your questions that I was given, as I had many of the same. Hang in there. For me, it only keeps improving. Cheers. CKG

  2. Margie Says:

    Did you ever get answers to these? Is life getting back to normal? Hair growing back? Red wine and coffee when? 😉 — or have the questions and desires changed?

  3. Margie Says:

    Also, I’d love it if you’d share CKG’s info. referenced above. I am in diagnostic stage and seeking all input available. SO glad I found your blog. You are helping at least that one person!!!!

  4. SJR Says:

    Hey Margie, a couple of others who have had the same surgery have emailed me the answers they were told, but I find out officially for myself in a week when I have my surgical follow-up. Everyone’s doctors say different things it seems, based on their unique case, so I will post my own answers next week.

    I can can say that I gave up the 30 degree sleep angle as my osteopath said my head felt great and well drained. It was such a pain in the ass! I also go for hour long walks every day, but walking doesn’t count as exercise for me 😉 Also had my hair cut as I got sick of waiting to find out!

    Here are some other blogs you could look at:

    Good luck with everything 🙂

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