Road to Early Detection initiative

March 19, 2009


I blogged about early detection of brain tumours a while ago. Turns out the Brain Tumor Foundation has made this a reality through the Road to Early Detection initiative. 

“Road to Early Detection is an initiative of The Brain Tumor Foundation aimed at broadening public awareness about brain tumors and the urgent need for preventative brain scans. With the introduction of this campaign, widespread early detection of brain tumors will be available to everyone.”

“The launch of the Mobile MRI Unit in November 2008 marked the start of the first-ever national campaign promoting early detection of brain tumors. Road to Early Detection focuses on outreach to communities – particularly for those under-served in the five boroughs of New York.

The Mobile MRI Unit will continue to set up in places where people work, study and live in order to make brain scans, and thereby early detection, accessible and cost free. Dr. Patrick J. Kelly, Founder and President of The Brain Tumor Foundation, maintains, “The only way to detect a tumor early is through the use of MRI brain scans. Regrettably, by the time brain tumors become symptomatic, most are incurable.” In the 4 short months since the Unit has been traveling, several brain tumors as well as MS, Alzheimer’s and other abnormalities have been discovered.

This year more than 300,000 Americans will be diagnosed with brain tumors. About a million are walking around with one and don’t know it – 25,000 of them are in New York City alone. While there are no preventive measures as yet, the impact of brain tumors can be vastly reduced. Detected and treated early – they can be completely eradicated. MRI brain scans are safe, painless, non-invasive, emit no radiation and take only ten minutes. Scans are available by appointment only and can be scheduled by calling 877-SCAN-NYC (877-722-6692) or visiting

This service is for those who are asymptomatic and in the US. Hopefully this service is sucsessful and the idea spreads North to Canada.

One Response to “Road to Early Detection initiative”

  1. c Says:

    I was diagnosed with a meningioma in mid-February. I found your blog today and read the whole thing. I’m sure you’re quite busy, but I’d love to email with you and ask you some questions–my meningioma is in the frontal/parietal region, but finding your blog and getting a sense about recovery has been extremely helpful. Thank you and please keep blogging!

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