Update, 8 weeks post-op

March 25, 2009

Here I am, 8 weeks after my craniotomy to remove my bugger of a meningioma. My follow-up with the surgeon is in a week so I don’t know officially how I am doing just yet, but this is how I’m feeling these days…

It hasn’t itched since before my staples were removed, but now my scar is itching again and it is very annoying! It started out that when I scratched the itch, my head couldn’t feel the scratch… and so resolve the itch. Now at least I can feel the scratch, but the itch persists! What a tongue twister ūüėČ

I can lie on the right hand side of my head, but I avoid it. My scalp isn’t flexible¬†where my surgery was, normally your scalp will move around on your head if you push it with your fingers. When my scalp moves on one side of my head, it pulls against the surgery area. Doesn’t hurt, just feels weird. I put castor oil on the scar as recommended by my naturopath*, to loosen this up which is slowly working.

With good days and bad days, I still get tired if I push myself too hard. It is frustrating, but to be expected. When I look back several weeks, my endurance has come a long way. Still suffering from the hypervigilance but to a lesser extent. Of course, there is a direct correlation between the two.

Also still can’t smell anything, not even the imaginary chemical smell I was experiencing. Wonder what it means that the olfactory hallucination is now gone?

As you have seen, I am trying to reduce the toxins in my life. I am treating it as a bit of an experiment to see if all-natural products do the job just as well. So far they do, you just have to get used to fewer bubbles as natural products do/should not use sodium laureth sulphate (made by mixing sulfuric acid, monododecyl ester, and sodium salt eeeeek) amongst other things. These products also seem to have a slightly different consistency, and sometimes need to be shaken before use, but really thats all the superficial differences I can think of.

¬†I guess when you go through something like this that has no known cause, you really stop taking things for granted and start thinking about what you CAN prevent. Why expose yourself to ingredients that are linked to cancer, developmental/reproductive toxicity, allergies, immunotoxicity, neurotoxicity,¬†¬†Persistence and bioaccumulation,¬†Organ system toxicity (non-reproductive),¬†Irritation (skin, eyes, or lungs),¬†Enhanced skin absorption,¬†Contamination concerns, Biochemical or cellular level changes…

*Make sure you find out what is right for you at your stage of recovery.

One Response to “Update, 8 weeks post-op”

  1. Ericka Says:

    Thanks for that Sarah. Since my diagnosis in June 2015 (my surgery is this Friday 8/14/15), I’ve reverted back to the health (food, products) conscious person I once was. A green smoothie every morning, vitamins, no red meat or pork, far fewer processed food if any. More fruits and veggies (organic mostly). Started switching out the not so great for the far better in every category. Reducing my sugar intake and drinking much more water (purified). That’s just some of it. Its interesting what you’ll take on when you get a wake up call!

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