Wood smoke

March 31, 2009


My olfactory hallucination has changed. I noticed a couple of weeks ago that the chemical smell had disappeared, and proceeded to “enjoy” a week of nothingness. Then the smell of chemically wood smoke (ish) arrived. It started very quickly and instantly made me feel ill for about half an hour. That feeling passed*, but the wood smoke remains. When it is at it’s worst I can taste it too! Ewwww.


2 Responses to “Wood smoke”

  1. Lesly Finn Says:

    Hi Sarah … thanks for the visit! How strange that your olfactory ‘hallucination’ should change … wouldn’t it be nice if it changed again to the smell of sweet-peas or honeysuckle, – but I guess thats wishing too much.

    Being a Brit living in New Zealand I cannot give blood either. Seems very sad when its such an easy way to help others. I can understand the concern regarding CJD but the case numbers are relatively small in comparison with the huge number of people who need transfusing. I expect if the need for donors became really acute they would have to re-think that one.

    best wishes


  2. Melissa Says:

    Hi. I am so pleased I have found your blog. I had a benign meningioma removed last August and am actually having a quiet morning in bed about to start my own blog. I also had metallic taste which changed to a woody charcoal taste. We have so much in common, and I find reading personal experiences like yours are often more helpful than the Doctors. Onward and upward 😀

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