2 arms, 4 veins, 4 needles, 1 IV

April 1, 2009

So as you may have guessed I had a CT scan today in preparation for my follow-up appointment tomorrow. The CT itself is a doddle, but the contrast IV today was painful!

It took 4, *YES 4*, tries for them to get that needle in! The first 2 veins were “rolling” which the tech said is when the needle pushes the vein out the way rather than penetrating it. Maybe this was an excuse for inexperience, I don’t know. The third vein went ok but the needle slipped out (of the vein not my arm), then the tech burst my vein. ICK. This unsurprisingly left me with an instant and large blue bump of a bruise. It hurts. Fourth vein lucky, and in went that contrast solution.

I was dehydrated which I don’t think helped. MUST remember to drink lots of water before needles!

3 Responses to “2 arms, 4 veins, 4 needles, 1 IV”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Sarah .. the next time you have to go for any type of blood work, tell them to use a butterfly needle. It is a very thin needle and it almost always works. Also watch how they do it. The needle should almost be laying on your skin when they try to insert it. The smaller the angle, the better the results. I am sorry to hear that you had such a bad time of it. Could have been technican inexperience. After the second poke, they should have used a smaller needle. Once they are in, the can insert a larger instrument through the original poke.

  2. SJR Says:

    Strangely they did say it was the smallest of needles as the IV doesn’t need to flow fast. I think me being dehydrated, and perhaps the tech being inexperienced was an unfortunate mix. Next time I will drink lots of water and ask if a butterfly needle is appropriate for what they are doing. Today I left with 4 band aids on my arms haha.

  3. Faye Says:


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