From diagnosis to today in pictures

April 1, 2009

Before surgery Meningioma, bilateral frontal edema.


Day after surgery Pneumocephalus (air in the cranial cavity), hemorrhage, bilateral frontal edema stable. *Slightly different slice.


Day after surgery Lots of staples, and 3 plates/screws.


Today 3 plates/screws



3 Responses to “From diagnosis to today in pictures”

  1. Tyler Says:

    While I wouldn’t wish what you’ve been through on anyone, I have to say that those pictures are really fucking cool.

  2. Faye Says:

    yes that’s really interesting! so does this mean you have the all clear? looks pretty clear to me!

  3. theramsays Says:

    Wow.. impressive pictures, amazing story – hope you’re recovery continues to go really well and that you get your questions answered in the post-op appointment!

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