Living chemical free without being a hippy…

April 11, 2009


I am on a constant look out for all natural products. Being back in Alberta this week I rediscovered Rocky Mountain Soap Company. How did I forget about them, I always used to drop into their store every time I went to Banff! Their products are 100% natural, (not in a hippy-dippy inaccessible way) and give a list of ingredients they feel we all need to avoid. 

They have an online store so now all us displaced Albertans can still buy their products, plus many vendors across Canada who sell select products.


One Response to “Living chemical free without being a hippy…”

  1. I am so glad to see you spreading the word about Rocky Mountain and other healthy alternatives. I just opened a store in Alberta which sells chemical free products (over 520 of them) and of course, Rocky Mountain is one of my main products lines (and best sellers!)

    There’s been so much demand for the products I eventually started shipping across Canada & the USA and it’s great to see so many people beginning to go for chemical free products! All the best fellow Albertan!

    Tamara Laschinsky – Airdrie, AB

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