Back to it

April 13, 2009

When I went for my first CT scan that eventually led to my diagnosis, I had lived in Toronto for less than 3 months. I still had my Alberta health card, and had only just moved into my apartment. Frankly there is nothing like finding out you have a brain tumour when you are on the other side of the country from your best friends and family. Add to that the fact that I was grounded and could not fly to see them.

It was just over a week ago now that the neurosurgeon gave me the all clear saying I could get back to life as normal. No restrictions.

I can now drink caffeine and alcohol, exercise, drive, fly, and work again.

The day after receiving the good news I booked flights to Alberta and left 2 days later. It was such a relief to be able to get away after being stuck here for 4 months. Now I hate flying as it is, but flying for the first time after brain surgery gave me a whole new level of anxiety. 

My head was fine however, and for once I didn’t throw up (yes, I’m “that” person). The titanium clips in my head didn’t even set off the machines at security screening.

Caffeine I have passed on… for now at least. I stopped craving it after about 4 weeks so I am going to attempt life without it. I took my Dad’s C350 out for a spin, drank wine, and arranged to be back at work part time in 2 weeks.

Today I checked my final conquest off my list. A successful 4km run. It was perhaps the shortest run I have done in years, but I’ll take it, all things considered. I am glad to get the first run under my belt so I can now start rebuilding my fitness without trepidation. People and busy places can make me tired, running it seems, does not. 

When I look back it is incredible to think about what has happened in the past few months. The unlikelihood of it all, the fact it happened to ME. The fact I happened to move to a city with a top medical community, that I found out I had a brain tumour of all things, that it was successfully removed… and then experienced (in the words of my surgeon) a remarkable recovery. Here I am able to tell the story.


Life is amazing.

10 Responses to “Back to it”

  1. Ed Ramsden Says:

    You left out the part where you got asked for you ID at the liquor store, and also how you forgot which pedal did what in the C350.

  2. SJR Says:

    Because I knew you would relish commenting about it!

  3. Ed Ramsden Says:

    I only relish it because we bet on it.

  4. SJR Says:

    You can’t win this one Ed! Any woman in her 30s who gets IDed is gonna be happy. The disturbing thing is that they thought I was your new girlf.

  5. Heather Says:

    Yay for being back into running! I’m trying out the whole running thing, so if it sticks we can run AND spin together when you come visit. Or we can just sit around and drink wine.

  6. SIAN Says:

    you have now been mistaken as a twin to your big-little sister and a girlfriend to your little brother… what sort of relationship are going to have with your little-little sister?

  7. Linda Says:

    So glade that your life is now getting back on track. Now you can check out the rest of Ontario. It is a great place.

  8. Corinna Says:

    4km is probably more than I ever ran in my life ;)… so huge kudos for that and your fantastic attitude throughout this time!!

  9. Margaret Says:

    It is an incredible journey and you have come out on other side of this wilderness a stronger person than you ever were before. Enjoy and good luck when you go back to work. You know what they say about luck .. it is preparation meeting opportunity and you have certainly prepared. This blog has been very interesting and it was great to walk the road with you, even if it was from a distance. Stay healthy!! Be Happy!!

  10. daisy Says:

    honestly, you’re clearly disintegrating without me.

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