Recovery by numbers

April 22, 2009

People often ask what I have been doing with all my time off work. Well, recovery from major surgery takes time and these are the kind of numbers that get you there…

1 Meningioma
1 Craniotomy
4 CT Scans
1 Chest x-ray
3 GPs
1 Neurosurgeon
1 Senior Neurosurgical Resident
5+ Interns/Residents (doctors in training)
3 Anesthestists
10+ Nurses
2 Neurologists
1 Social Worker
1 Physiotherapist
1 Pharmacist
10 Receptionists 
6 Imaging Technicians
3 Film library people
1 Naturopath
1 Osteopath
1 Cleaner
4 hours of surgery
1 Night in Neuro ICU
2.5 days in hospital
35 Staples
5 Stitches
3 Titanium plates
6 Titanium screws
3  Imaginary smells
3 Prescribed drugs
2 Over the counter drugs
7+ Vitamins/Supplements 
4 Homeopathic remedies
1 Complete diet overhaul
1 Husband
1 Dog
3 House guests
2 Provincial health cards
3 Health Benefits case workers
1 Dent
2 Boxes Purdey’s Chocolates
73+ Blog post
112+ Blog comments
4,500+ Blog hits (not bad going for a measly blog about my brain)
13 weeks off work

Yes, that’s 40+ medical professionals I have seen in the last 4 months. Those are the people I remember through my drug induced haze, which means there must be a good 10 more that I don’t recall.

What should this list tell you? It is essential to know how to navigate the health system.


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