Time flies (and not only when you are having fun), it has been 6 months already. I just got back from my 3 week honeymoon that we had to cancel. It was just what the doctor ordered, and I was able to totally forget about what life has thrown as of late.

I now feel better than ever, better than I ever did before surgery. I continue to try to re-build my fitness and to be honest 3 weeks in France and the UK, and a bottle of wine a day certainly did not help! But walking or cycling everywhere, and with regular spinning sessions, I am still fitter than many people I know, even post brain surgery.  

That feel good vibe can also be attributed to 8 months of a pescetarian diet, and a large daily dosage of omega 3’s, vitamin C, D and B’s. If I run out of any of them, particularly omega 3’s, I really notice it and find myself craving fats. What the brain needs, the brain gets!

I still have no sense of smell and have an EEG in a couple of weeks to make sure my olfactory hallucinations are not seizures. My neurologist does not think this is the case, but it’s good to rule out. We can then move onto other investigations into the cause and potential return of smell into my life.

My next CT and follow up are already booked for April 2010. I am impressed with St. Michael’s Hospital and my doctors, and really feel like I am in safe hands.