Il y a quelque chose dans ma tête…

August 17, 2009

When we were in Paris recently, my husband and I decided to go back to the Eiffel Tower where we were engaged. Wouldn’t you know, they now have metal detectors before you can go up and see the view. I walk through and “beeeeep”! For a split second I forgot and tapped my pockets looking for change, then it hit me. My head! “Euuuhhh, Il y a quelque chose dans ma tête…” as I point frantically at my head. The security guard looked at me like I was crazy… and thankfully took pity and let me go through.


3 Responses to “Il y a quelque chose dans ma tête…”

  1. Amusing story! However, this surprised me a bit. Isn’t your hardware titanium? Mine hasn’t and supposedly shouldn’t set any detectors off.

    Best to you in your continued recovery on this crazy journey.

  2. SJR Says:

    You are right, my hardwear is titanium. I think it was an old metal detector and believe they do a general sweep for all metals, where as the new ones are more selective. Maybe, I don’t know… that’s what I heard 🙂

  3. Lesly Says:

    No post from you for 3 months … so just checking in to make sure that you are OK? Hope the reason you haven’t made an entry is because life is just busy and not because you are not well.

    How did you like France? Before we came to New Zealand we used to spend as many holidays as we could there (from our home in UK) … lovely times. Hope your memories of it are as good.

    Funnily enough we spent our honeymoon in Paris too (as babes in the wood in 1962!) … the Algerian crisis was on and we found that the Eiffel Tower was closed to visitors and patrolled by soldiers with guns! We never got to go up it.

    Good vibes coming your way. x

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