Update, 1+ years post-op

April 18, 2010

Well my 1 year anniversary came and went without big occasion in January. My husband and I went out for a quiet dinner to celebrate, something that was hard to imagine a year ago.

This week I had my 1 year follow up with my surgeon. My MRI showed a clear head with no sign of tumour re-growth. My next follow up will be in 2 years, and I suspect I will continue to have these follow-ups for 10 years based on a 7% risk of recurrence in that time frame.

Still no smell, but you know what? It’s been so long now, that I don’t even think about it.


11 Responses to “Update, 1+ years post-op”

  1. Jim Rossner Says:

    Sarah, well done on another milestone. Thank-you for allowing everyone to take part in your journey to recovery. Continued good health to you & your family.

  2. Allison Says:

    I am very proud to have found your blog and will be passing it on to my sister. Our father goes this week to see if he has Foster Kennedy Syndrome. And I am trying to find anything & everthing to read. If we are going to go down this road, I always like to have directions! Thanks for writing this to help people like me have some understanding!

  3. Peggy Orr Says:

    Hi, enjoyed reading your blog very much and happy for your recovery. I am almost two months out of Meningioma surgery. I had one tumor behind my right eye and one behind my right ear. They required cutting out the right side of my skull and then also removing a portion of the dura for testing, which did test for tumors. It’s been pretty miserable, but do-able. Everytime I try to do a few normal activities, the right side of my face swells up. Yikes My jaw muscle did have to be released to get the one tumor out and my face peeled back on the right side. I felt blindsided by these tumors and am still in slight shock over the whole business. I mean, who really expects brain tumors. Thank you, Peg

  4. Silvia Lamb Says:

    Sarah, in 2008 my aunt, then 50 years of age had a frontal bilateral meningioma mass removed. Prior to her diagnosis and surgery she was a lawyer. She has been unable to practice law since her surgery.

    Unfortunately she lives in Guatemala and I reside in Canada. For this reason I do not know much more abut her case.

    I have read through your blog that you had hard times, yet you were able to go back to work. When I read that I felt happy for you. Congratulations 🙂

    However, reading about your success has me wondering if my aunt would be able to go back to work too..

    Thanks for sharing your story,

  5. elendir (Gabriella) Says:

    Yay for 1-year clear MRI!!!

  6. Sara Beck Says:

    Hi, I just googled meningiomas and I found this blog. I recently had a craniotomy for a golf-ball sized meningioma on my occipital lobe in July. My biggest problems now are some minor vision loss and the fact that my hair has still not grown back.

    When I first got out of surgery, I had horrible headaches and very distorted vision with visual hallucinations.

    My 1 month MRI looked good. Now I have one at 6 months and after that 2 years!

  7. Annette Jones - Kelleher Says:

    Hello,I’m a Brit that found your web site.just 6months post op and a young 58! What a great encouragement you have been. Like you I took pictures of my head– all I needed was a snake charmers basket a cobra and a flute.Staples are great aren’t they?Don’t scars itch!!I’m trying to improve my fitness levels too and get back to work, I’m a Radiographer/Sonographer but that knowledge can work against you if you don’t get a grip .Thank You for your site –you are an inspiration.Good luck to all of us all over the world who are walking a similar road. x Annette

  8. jean Says:

    Thank you for your one year update. I had my craniotomy last June and your story was my inspiration before I had my surgery. I took pictures too and sent to my family who lives out of state. I am doing well, no seizures, but still facing adrenal gland issues (docs still aren’t sure if they are related or not). The ‘dent in my head’ still aches, you didn’t mention if you have that problem or not. Go back for my one year mri in August. Thanks again for helping me through that period in my life. You are an inspiration. And keep up with the updates! Us post-opers appreciate them! May the great Gods of Health be with you. ~Jean

  9. betty noe Says:

    Hi ive just read your blog after searching the net, I am 2 months post craniotomy for a frontal falx meningioma, I am a 64 year old midwife, and am going back to work next month, keep a positive attitude and seize life by the horns, if I can do it at 64, you all can, best wishes Betty

  10. Christine Says:

    Sarah, just found your blog and am so grateful! I am post-op almost 7 weeks. Had a similar size meningioma removed from my temporal lobe, which was beginning to cause speech problems. Successful surgery with a few minor speech issues leftover. I’m working with a Speech Therapist for a few sessions to address those.

    I was beginning to feel rather alone in my experience, and I have found your writing to be so helpful and confirming of my own experience. Lots of similarities. Thanks for helping me not feel so alone!

    With appreciation,

  11. Pat Robertson-Horton Says:

    I am so glad that I found your blog Sarah. My crain is scheduled for May 15th. The day after Mothers Day. My 40 yr class reunion is July 28/29 so I have to be ready to rock and roll. My sis is going with me to my class reunion, so I don’t go home with the wrong person, I would be the talk of the reunion for sure. Your blogs have helped ease my being scared. I know that my faith in God has helped me so much, and there are so many praying for me. I work at a Rehab Hospital in OKC and I have patients every day that I see and help to keep a positive spirit. I am the Unit Secretary. I tell them, I am here to help you and you are here to help me. Like I said thank you so much.

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